Social Impact Fund

The Social Impact Fund is a parallel fund that invests alongside the primary Montage fund in companies that pursue dual objectives of building shareholder value as well as delivering a meaningful positive impact to society at large. As impact investing has become a more prominent category for investors, we thought it appropriate to provide a vehicle for certain investors to concentrate their investment on impact companies that Montage analyzes in the normal course of business.

While the impact component of companies in the Montage Social Impact Fund is quite important, equally important is the financial return objective for these companies. Companies that Montage reviews must first satisfy the strict investment criteria of Montage’s main fund. If a company passes that test, and is also making a meaningful positive social impact, then it becomes a candidate for the Montage Social Impact Fund.

Companies in the following sectors tend to be good candidates for the Montage Social Impact Fund, but this is not a complete list:

  • Education
  • Environment
  • Clean fuels and energy efficiency
  • Health, wellness, and nutrition
  • Microfinance


The following companies have received growth capital from the Montage Social Impact Fund: